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We are Podiatrists and we are Environmentalists!

The Environment, our natural habitat, sustains us. We respect it. We treasure it. In the same way that we care for our homes, we care for the World around us, our greater home. Misused, neglected, the World cries out.

Our needs are mutual: as Mother Nature cares for us, so we care for her.

As Podiatrists, dedicated to care of the feet, we find that Nature has her own contribution to make: Bamboo.

Naturally organic, grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, the natural properties of Bamboo make it perfect for sensitive skin. Its properties are described elsewhere on this Website under 'Why Bamboo?'.

It is natural, then, that we recommend and support the use of socks made from Charcoal Bamboo fibre. Clinical experience has proved their beneficial effects.

The balance between Nature and ourselves, mutually self-sustaining, is maintained. The Environment and Good Health: our passions!

We are always adding to our product range, consistent with our belief in naturally sourced products of the highest quality and at the keenest prices.

May we thank you for your interest and for allowing us to share these thoughts with you.

Our Germanium products have been registered by the MHRA, reference number CA015204, and by the US FDA under registration number 10048990.

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